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July 24, 2017

The last

 top: c/o shein

New piece of clothing I gotthis top.  It's one size which it's always a little risky, but I love it.  Really comfy and I think it'll look super cute with a cardigan and jeans in the fall. 

Thing I ate: a handful of M&M's.  

Show I watched: the Bachelorette.  I will be sad when it's over, especially since Bachelor in Paradise won't be on after.  We have very few shows to watch these days. 

Podcast I listened to: Jen Hatmaker has a new podcast and I love her and loved listening to her first episode.  

Book I read: I'm not a huge reader, but do enjoy it once it awhile.  It's taking me awhile (because of shows like the Bachelor) but I'm ready Lisa Jo Baker's book Never Unfriended and am really liking it. I'm hoping to read the rest of it on our vacation.  (Is it called a vacation if it's with two little kids??) 

Thing I searched for to buy online: I really want a rug for our living room but haven't bought one because I'm afraid our kids will ruin it and keep thinking I'll wait till they are older.  Yet I look online all the time.  

Thing I did with the kids: I took them both to the beach by myself and was really proud of myself. It actually went really well and we all had fun!  I'm make sure to remember that when our next solo outing doesn't go as well! 


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July 23, 2017

Favorite summer dress for $18

dress: c/o shein

I LOVE this dress.  I love that it's smoked at the top so the arms stay in place.  It's so comfy and I want to wear it somewhere immediately!   It has two little slits in the front that I thought may be weird looking, but they aren't at all.  (For reference I got this dress in a large.  I always look at the measurements for each item because sometimes their sizes run different.  Reading the reviews help too!)  Hope you're having a great start to your week! 

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July 20, 2017


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ONE.  I wore this pants to my in-laws for dinner the other day and my father in law asked me if I was wearing pajamas.  I shouldn't be offended as they look and do feel just like pajamas, but hopefully an acceptable outfit.  I bought them at Target when Addi was a baby and still love them four years later. 

TWO.  We've been talking about upgrading our kitchen with new countertops since we moved, as the counters and backsplash are this heavy green tile.  Which is a total pain and gross in terms of cleanliness and I don't like how it looks either.  Our cabinets are a lighter brown and I want a grey/white quartz countertop with white subway tile backsplash but am nervous how it'll look. Anyone have brown cabinets and white backsplash? Send me a picture if you do!

THREE.  I am loving these relaxed peplum tops.  I have a few like them (and own the yellow one below) and love them.  They are comfy and I feel like they look great with shorts now and will look cute with a sweater and jeans in the Fall.  Plus they are all under $13! 

one  // two // three
one  // two  // three

FOUR.   I got this sunscreen as part of an Influenster box to review and I love it.  I put it on Addi the first time and she said on her own "This is so smooth and smells good."  I usually use the generic spray sunscreen and still do as it's so easy to put on, but I've seen a bunch of those sunscreen articles about safe best sunscreen and do care about what I put on my kids!  This stuff goes a long way and really does go on smoother and easier.  I love it! 

Image result for La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Kids Sunscreen SPF 60
(I received this product free for testing, but all opinions are my own.)

FIVE.  We leave for vacation tomorrow!  We're heading to Wisconsin with my whole family for a week. I am so excited about spending a whole week together.  We'll be renting a house on the lake and I can not wait!  

July 19, 2017

Birthday Interveiw

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Toddlers are crazy and bipolar, so I honestly don't trust any answers.  And I asked a few the next day and they were already different.  So perhaps this interview is pointless, but still fun to do.  Read her answers from last year here. 

What is your favorite thing to do?  eat ice cream 
Do you have any nicknames?  Rob, Addi, Addi Vale  (Literally said Rob.  I said "Addi, no one calls you Rob." and she said "Yes they do.  They said 'Want to play Rob" all the time.) 
What do you want to be when you grow up? fire fighter and help people get better
What is your favorite thing to do with the family?  eat ice cream with all of us, kiss and hug and sing and dance
Who are your best friends?  Aaliyah, Ellie, Lena and all my cousins 
What makes you happy?  playing with my friends
What do you like to learn about?  firefighters, preschool
What makes you sad? When I don't have any friends to visit me
What do you do really well?  loving mama
If you had a million dollars what would you buy?  a million toys
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  play tag
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?  to Target and buy lots of toys 
If you could have one wish, what would it be? another Addi or another one of mama 
What is your favorite birthday present?  scooter and my note pad 
Favorite things:
food: oatmeal  (so not true.  I'd say waffles or cereal) 
holiday: 4th of July
book: Jack & Annie books
toy: coloring books
treat: chocolate 
song: You are my sunshine, Shout it Out He is Risen 
animal: bunny
movie: Trolls  
color: pink

July 18, 2017

Our day with the birthday girl

Last Friday Addilyn turned four and we had such a fun day celebrating her!  I love that she looked forward to her birthday, help make plans and was just so excited the whole day.  

I decorated her door and she was so excited when I got her in the morning.  We had Lucky Charms for breakfast, and headed off to donuts at the park later than morning.  The last two years we've invited some friends and family to the park for donuts. It's been such a fun, easy way to celebrate Addi and I think we'll do it every year! 

Waiting for her friends to arrive!
 We are so thankful for friends who love our sweet girl.

After Isaac's nap we went to my in-laws house.  My mother-in-law made Addi the cutest flower cake and then we took a walk around the neighborhood and down to the lake by their house.  We had wanted to swim but it was too cool.  Which is crazy because last year on her birthday it was in the 90's!

I took the kids to Culver's for dinner and then we came home.  Chris had been out of town all week and thankfully got home about a half hour before bedtime so he got to see Addi on her birthday. She had such a great day and I am so thankful we live by family and friends that can help celebrate her! 

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